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SAVE THE DATE - W4RES Webinar on Overcoming gender barriers in the RHC sector
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Αre you  eager to make gender equality in the RHC sector happen? Good!

The project Women4RenewableEnergy (W4RES) has what you need. Together with WECF, we have developed a capacity building program organised through a series of webinars. Five webinars will take participants along different steps towards women empowerment and gender equality in the Renewable Heating and cooling (RHC) sector. 

Join our first webinar: Overcoming the Invisible Barrier: Gender Dimensions of the RHC sector, on the 31st of May, 10 am CET. 

To establish a system with 100% renewable energies and decentralised structures, our energy system will need to change. New technologies, business models and societal transformation require flexibility and diversity to consider the perspective of several social groups. The participation and representation of women in the RHC sector are highly needed to fuel the energy transition. But which barriers prevent women from taking positions in the RHC sector? What tools and approaches exist to overcome these barriers? In this webinar, we are going to present several gender dimensions. Using the term gender dimensions we refer to specific ways, relations and areas by which gender and gendered roles are constructed. Furthermore, with an input presentation, small exercises and discussions, we want to point out several gendered barriers, e.g., carve out gender stereotypes that shape our perception and the way we walk through the world. As a solution, we show specific gender tools that tackle such barriers in the RHC sector.  

Register in advance for this event:  

Empower women to power up energy! We encourage everybody who is interested to join the webinar. There is no specific gender knowledge needed. Please share with your networks!



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