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Women participation in Energy Communities

Kostas Dasopoulos
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In Greece has been noticed a significant lack of female participation in the Board of Directors of the Energy Communities. The vast majority namely 93% of Energy Communities have less than 2 women participating in the BoD.

In more detail, 42% of the Energy Communities do not have a female member; only 34% and 17% of the Energy Communities have 1 and 2 female members respectively in their BoD, and just 5% have 3. Furthermore, just 1% of the total Energy Communities have 4 or 5 women in their BoD.


Source: “Mapping of Energy Communities in Greece” (2020).  Electra Energy, ICCS/NTUA, Greenpeace Greece


Read full article here: Energy Communities Observatory – Electra Energy


How is the situation in your country? Please share us your views!

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Angelina Tomova
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 Angelina Tomova
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Energy communities in Bulgaria face several key barriers such as policy and regulatory barriers, lack of awareness, access to finance, legal issues, culture and history, tax and VAT issues. This is the reason why there are few energy communities established in the country and it is difficult to distinguish the male and female participation in their BoD.

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Stephan C. Krabsen
 Stephan C. Krabsen
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It is the same in Denmark. The main problem being unclear regulations and/or regulations that do not promote the roll out of energy communities throughout the country.

Our problem is thereby a general lack of involvement of the Danish citizens in energy communities and not specifically women.


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