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W4RES Webinar n°2 - Gender tool: Gender self-assessment and Gender action plan for RHC actors

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Ioannis Konstas
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Date: 15th June 2022, 10am CET

The program continues! The second session of our W4RES capacity building program on gender mainstreaming and women empowerment for the RHC sector will happen on 15 June, 10 am CET.  

After introducing the existing and constructed gender roles and barriers that hinders gender equality in the RHC sector   (more info), it is now time for the practice and implementation of gender solutions and tools. The presentation of two complementary tools, gender self-assessment and gender action plan for RHC actors, will guide the participants through the steps of self-reflection, the objectives, how to achieve them, what results can be expected and how to exploit them. Time will be allocated for group work to start practicing these tools for the sector.

Participants will take home the fruits of their labour, the first steps in developing a gender action plan for their sector.

Join us by registering for this webinar here

Next phases of our capacity building program are given below:




Overcoming the invisible barrier: Gender dimensions of the RHC sector

31st May 2022, 10 am CET


Gender tool: Gender-self assessment & Gender action plan for energy utility for RHC actors

15th June 2022, 10 am CET


Gender tool: Gender-just communication

5th July 2022, 10 am CET


Support energy communities and gender-just energy communities

September 2022


TBD - Depending on the participant’s needs identified

September 2022


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Sally Koehler
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Loved the 2nd Webinar! Hands-on and very practical information on how to use gender-self assessment and how to create a gender action plan. A big round of applause to the organisers.

Looking forward to the next Webinars.


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